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Save Money!

Quit paying for someone else to print your checks! You can now print blank checks!

If you use an accounting program, and print checks, every few weeks or months you have to place that order for pre-printed checks. They are so expensive! At last there is a way to save a lot of money every time you order preprinted checks.

Print Blank Checks

CheckMate software enables you to print your checks on blank check paper which is readily available at a fraction of the cost of preprinted checks from retailers like and others. CheckMate software already includes templates for Quickbooks® for personal, voucher and standard check formats. You don’t use Quickbooks®? No problem! The check designer in CheckMate allows you to move or change your format around to match however your accounting software may print the checks.

Quickbooks® is a registered trademark of Intuit software.

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There are other check printing software packages available commercially and on the Internet. Why should you try CheckMate? Other software is difficult to use and many packages charge you by the number of checks you print. Upon purchasing their software, many companies allow you to print a certain number of checks and then you have to purchase more “credits” to print more checks. CheckMate is a onetime nominal purchase and allows you to print an unlimited quantity of checks.

In addition, CheckMate software is very easy to use. This user manual would probably be unnecessary, except there are some tips and tricks that will aid especially in the check designer. There are only three main screens in CheckMate: 1) the main launch screen, 2) the account editing screen, and 3) the check screen.